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The people at Sport et Santé ASBL are committed to making this Woluwe-Saint-Lambert race (and walking) event, one of the most popular in Brussels. This is made possible thanks to the combined dynamics of the Commune personnel and staff, charitable organizations, school authorities and the patronage of several private companies as well. We have  more than 1000 people to thank for last year’s success alone.

So why we encourage your company to join in this endeavour:

A truly local team and a truly local magazine
Our mission at Sport et Santé ASBL is to promote sports practice, fitness and health and culture in Belgium. Our organization was launched shortly after the creation of Zatopek Magazine (in French, quickly followed by a Dutch edition as well), to answer the needs of readers who wanted to distance themselves from competition and were looking for a friendlier and kinder approach to fitness and training. This prompted us to launch our successful « Je Cours Pour Ma Forme » program. Shortly after that and by popular demand, we launched more running and walking events such as the Ecotrail and the Manneken-Pis Corrida.

A program specially designed for different levels
Five races to chose from (4 running events, 2 walkings) :

  • 400 m for Kindergarten age kids
  • 800 m for Primary School kids
  • Walking and Nordic walking races (6km or 12km)
  • 6km for teens (secondary level and 5th and 6th grades primary school kids)
  • 15km for teens and young adults ages 15 and over, as well as adults.
  • 25km trail

Team rankings in view of promoting your company
We have foreseen a team ranking system so that you can put your company at the forefront of this event and promote its dynamic spirit at the same time. To that effect, each company has the possibility to form several 5-person groups (so you can divide the total number of participants by 5) so as to appear more than once in the ranking. HR against R&D, for example.

Charity time!
Please join in our charity program. We are associated with several local and international NGO. More information here.

Simplified group registration

Registering as a group is super easy ! Please click on the Group Registration link and send your application Excel at least 15 days prior to the race. Please make sure to send it to

A special stand in the omnisport hall and a tent in the village
Groups can benefit from a customized service (upon prior request) comprising specially printed bibs. This makes it easier for corporations to distribute their own customized bibs. A table will be appropriately marked and reserved for companies having requested this service. Groups of 50 people and over will have their own tent in the departure/arrival village equipped with locker service and other amenities.

Group trainings
Running is a truly collective activity. Most people run for health reasons and cherish the collective aspect of it. This is why we organize group training sessions in Brussels as well as in Charleroi, Liège, Namur and Gent. They are called the « Zatopek Académie » ( GentLoopt in Gent). More information available upon request.