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Practical informations

Will be called to the podium

  • the 3 first M-W of the 25km trail
  • the 3 first M-W of the 15km race
  • the 3 first M-W of the 6km race
  • representatives from the six best schools (2 superior/university schools, 2 secondary schools, 2 primary schools)*
  • best 15km race team  (5 runners)
  • best 6km race team (5 runners)

Will collect their prize « outside the podium »**

On 15km
-  S/A1/A2/A3 rankings women  + S/V1/V2/V3 men

On 6km
- Rankings: E/S Men and Women

* minimum 50 finishing students
**Runners must show up or delegate someone to collect their prize at the podium or at the Zatopek tent. past experience has told us that it is often difficult to record the names and times of all participants in time before the prize ceremony. This happened in 2013. Confusion ensued among runners and caused delays. Hence this decision to remit some of the prizes outside the podium at the Zatopek tent.