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 ONLINE (min 10 people) : The timekeeper provided, via the link "Registrations" below, a form that empowers each runner, ie that each runner has to encode his own contact details. In addition to creating and closing the group, the "captain" has to give instructions and enforcing the registration deadline. This approach avoids the captain to "run" after the complete contact information (!) of each runner in the group. This procedure is available to groups of 10 or more runners.

Procedure :

  • The « captain » creates the group and receives a code « group » ;
  • The « captain » communicates with « Class Members » this code group and asks them to register using the « group registration » option ;
  • When all members are registered (deadline: 10 days before the race) the captain has to « close » his group and proceed to the single payment for the group

Registration fees
Registration fees have been adapted for schools participating in groups. This rate is applicable to students and teachers.

-400 or 800 meters: 1 € (+ options)
-6 / 15km or walk : 4 € (+ options) primary and secondary schools - 5 € high schools (+ options)

If supporters or alumni wish to run for and via your school, the fee is regular fee (8 € for the 6km, 10 € for the 15km) but their number is taken into account for the school-ranking.

Changing a person's distance in a group: it is possible to the "litige" table, only if the new distance is less kilometers than the first one chosen. There is no supplement or refund. This is a service for groups.

Change of names for bib-numbers already printed: within a group, these changes are possible and free for up to 2 people. Beyond that, it is necessary to go back for the traditional registration procedure and a payment without report to the group payment.

No cancellations will be refunded once the bib-numbers have been printed (15 days before the event).