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I tried to register but there was a bugg and the system refuses a second registration? The easiest way is to re-register by changing a character in your first or last name.

Can I unsubscribe due to an injury or an impediment?
No cancellation gives the right to a refund 30 days before the event. If it is an injury and you have a medical certificate, you can contact us at

Can I pick up a friend’s bib? Yes, and you don't need ID for that.

I can't find my bib number in the list of pre-registrated runners?
The "group" entries are not included in the published lists of individual pre-registrations because it is the group captains who will distribute the bibs

I would like to order a medal, a locker and a daycare for my kids but the options have disappeared from the form? 12 days before the event, it is no longer possible to choose the options because the race numbers are printed with the logos of the chosen options. However, on the day of the event, you can buy medals subject to stock availability, drop off your bag at the locker or leave your child in the daycare.


Can i run with my dog? Yes, if the dog is kept on a leash and if you start at the back of the pelonton so the other runners will not be disturbed.

Is the route accessible to people with reduced mobility?